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NYC clients wave goodbye to embarrassing arms with CoolSculpting™ fat freezing technique

CoolSculpting™ uses special applicators to administer the cooling safely that damages fat cells. Ultimately, those cells are eliminated from the body. Different types of applicators are used on different parts of the body.

Very few cosmetic dermatological practices in the U.S. have as many types of CoolSculpting™ applicators as Dr. Shelton, so you can imagine what a benefit these options are for those in Midtown Manhattan.

Different devices have been designed to accommodate the features of specific “trouble” areas. For example, some CoolSculpting™ applicators are designed for “pinchable” areas, such as the inner thighs. Newer applicators are available to treat those areas that can’t be pinched, such as the outer thighs.

In all, you can use CoolSculpting™ to do away with the fat for good on the:

The last feature is certainly not least. Thanks to a specially designed handpiece, we can grip that upper arm fat that you may refer to as your “bat wings.” This applicator, in turn, securely holds the treatment area in place. This design allows Dr. Shelton to apply cooling consistently throughout the treatment area. These cool temperatures trigger the process of eliminating fat from this part of the body by first causing the cells to crystallize. Eventually, these cells die and are naturally eliminated. You may see immediate results but the true impact is realized over the succeeding months post-treatment as this natural process occurs.

You can proudly bare your sculpted arms with no embarrassment and annoyance of having to limit your wardrobe on even the hottest of days to longer-sleeved shirts. In addition, no more lifts in the gym to shape up those flabby forearms.

Dr. Shelton is one of the few specialists in the country who has the number of devices and depth of knowledge to deliver treatment with four different applicators. This means he can effectively and safely sculpt three other “trouble” areas in addition to your arms if you wish, dramatically minimizing the amount of time you spend in treatment.

Not every practice has the tools to apply CoolSculpting™ to arms in NYC. Dr. Shelton is equipped to treat this common trouble area and other parts of the body with cooling, as well as other techniques such as with heat from lasers, radio frequency energy, and ultrasonic waves

What's next?

If you are located in New York and are interested in finding out more about procedures such as CoolSculpting or CoolSmooth Pro, contact Dr. Ron Shelton and his dedicated team of professionals. They can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if CoolSculpting or CoolSmooth Pro are right for you and can assist in achieving the results you desire.