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Describe a typical Zeltiq™ treatment

The first step when considering Zeltiq™ or CoolSculpting™ involves the patient seeing me in consultation to determine if he or she is a candidate. If there is a focal area of the bulge of fat especially that which is resistant to diet and exercise, then in all likelihood he or she is a candidate. The patient will then schedule a treatment. Sometimes the treatment can take place on that same day.

The first part of the procedure involves protecting the skin surrounding the area that will be involved. We do this by applying a cool dressing that is composed of a thin, gel-like material. The CoolSculpting™ machine is then applied to the area. The machine produces a suction that causes the skin and fat component to be brought up into the device for as much as a couple of inches.

During treatment the patient lies down comfortably while the CoolSculpting™ machine delivers cold temperature to the fat cells. The fat is held between two cold plates that are within the machine and touching the skin. The coolness is delivered to the underlying fatty tissue while the patient types on their laptop, listens to music, or watches a movie on our flat screen TV. It takes about one hour. There is a sensation that is difficult to describe and there is a slight bit of discomfort as the skin is being sucked back into the machine. But after about five or ten minutes, the skin becomes accommodated to that sensation to some extent.

It is a tolerable procedure and no anesthetic or pain medication is needed. There have been reports of temporary tingling or numbness to the treated area and occasionally, the patient will experience minor bruising. The patient can return to work and can exercise. There are no restrictions or down time after the procedure.