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Why undergo Zeltiq™ if I can just go to the gym and exercise?

CoolSculpting™ by Zeltiq™ is designed for those people that despite religiously going to the gym, exercising and watching their diet cannot lose that last bulge of fat in the love handles or lower belly. This procedure is not a replacement for diet and exercise as it is designed to help those patients who are already at or near their ideal weight.

Many people tend to have problem areas even when they are doing everything possible to correct it. CoolSculpting™ is not for individuals who need to lose weight. It is meant as a way to contour the body and help to reduce love handles, belly pouches, and back fat. In many cases, despite all that exercise, despite watching the diet, fat cells in those areas are resistant to reduction unless a person takes drastic measures that can risk their health. For instance, when someone becomes so negatively imbalanced that they become almost sick from starvation.

CoolSculpting™ is designed to treat only small troublesome areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. So if you can’t exercise your fat off, you can fix your fat by chilling it. The treated fat cells will permanently be destroyed. You will feel better about your body when you wear tighter clothing, bathing suits, or jeans. It is those fat areas around the belly and love handles that are easily treated and reduced by this non-invasive one-hour session with Zeltiq™.

Since there is no down time with this procedure, patients can return to their normal activity, exercise routine, and diet immediately. They will begin to see the results after about two weeks and will continue to see improvements in the shape of their body for up to four months. Since the fat cells are destroyed, the treatment will provide a long-term effect.

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