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Reduce Fat with Coolsculpting NYC

Tired of fighting with stubborn fat? Coolsculpting in NYC can help reduce it

We are told that diet and exercise is the healthy way to a slim, attractive body. Yet, countless men and women struggle every day with stubborn bulges that defy weight loss tactics. An endless array of new "miracle cure" diets, workout routines, and fitness gadgets fail to yield results. If this sounds familiar, don't feel like a failure. It doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong, and it doesn't mean that you are destined to sport love handles and a muffin top for life. Coolsculpting is a revolutionary way to reduce stubborn pockets of fat with no surgery and little to no downtime.

Understanding body fat

Everyone has some body fat, and it is not all bad. Although most Americans have an excess of body fat and we tend to view it as the enemy, it serves important functions, including providing an energy reserve. If you skip a meal or have an especially grueling workout, a little energy to draw on is a good thing. However, the body does not stop with a little. With a supply of excess calories and carbohydrates, it forms and endlessly growing reserve of fat, leading to health and cosmetic issues.

Consuming less and burning more calories or carbohydrates is the premise of virtually every diet. Unless you have specific health problems, this technique should work well to a point, but certain areas of localized fat resist diet and exercise. These fat deposits may be naturally protected as emergency reserves in case of starvation, but the exact cause is not fully understood. Additionally, contrary to the claims of many products, science has yet to discover a "miracle" pill, diet, or exercise that targets and eliminates such bulges.

How Coolsculpting helps

Until recently, there were essentially only two options for dealing with stubborn fat. The first was to keep eating healthy, working out, and hoping for the best. The other option was surgery. Modern body contouring technology has provided an alternative for those who do not want surgery. Many of the nonsurgical solutions available today focus on melting the fat, which allows the body to eliminate it naturally, but some treatments melt fat temporarily without killing the fat cells so reaccumulation is inevitable. Coolsculpting takes a different approach, using low temperatures to kill the fat cells for effective, long lasting results.