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Ron Shelton M.D.

#317 East 34th Street,
11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. 

Fat Reduction Treatment in New York City

QuadraSculpting CoolSculpting

Dr. Shelton discussing new techniques with CoolSculpting's regional practice manager, Mr. Marc Rodman, at the Minus Five Ice Bar at the NY Hilton.

Dr Shelton at Minus Five Ice Bar at the NY Hilton.
Dr Shelton at Minus Five Ice Bar at the NY Hilton.

Welcome to a CoolSculpting Center of excellence. At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York, Dr. Ron Shelton is able to treat many patients with more than one applicator at the same time to reduce their fat. In NYC, Dr. Shelton's patients often prefer to have both of their love handles or outer thighs, or part of their abdomen and flanks done at the same time which can reduce treatment time considerably. DualSculpting, TriSculpting, and Quadrasculpting are now possible if booked as such in advance.

During the consultation, Dr. Shelton examines his patients and determines a treatment plan, fitting the different sites of fat bulges with templates and photographing the marked areas. His patients know exactly what they will have done prior to their treatment, and the exact cost, as this differs from patient to patient depending on the type and number of applicators needed. It has been very exciting, Dr. Shelton says, to see Zeltiq, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting, develop newer and greater technology over the last six years allowing quicker treatment times and even more effectiveness. There had been a high patient satisfaction rate from the beginning, but since Dr. Shelton has been Cool Sculpting using multiple applicators fitted over the topography of each unique individual's shape, he and his patients have seen some amazing results. Dr. Shelton continues to perfect his practice by learning the new techniques while attending many continuing medical education symposia and discussing treatment techniques with his colleagues and the company's representatives.