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Fat Freezing Procedure NYC

Trim stubborn bulges with a CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Procedure in NYC

Fat cells don’t “behave” like other cells that are exposed to cold. This principle presented a new opportunity for those with fat so stubborn it doesn’t go away, no matter the number of daily sit-ups or fastidiousness to diet.

This opportunity has a name, “cryolipolysis,” but you may know this technique as “fat freezing.” You may also be familiar with the product designed to deliver cooling to a targeted area safely, CoolSculpting™.

The science

The CoolSculpting™ system you can benefit from today is based on research out of Massachusetts General Hospital in the late 2000s. It was found that subcutaneous fat cells were reduced when targeted tissues were exposed to prolonged, yet controlled cooling. The overlying skin remained untouched.

Cryolipolysis was soon applied to the development of the technology that would become known as CoolSculpting™ by Zeltiq Aesthetics.

The procedure

Dr. Shelton uses a device with a vacuum applicator to draw up the treatment area, which is then cooled between two panels. The applicator is equipped with sensors to assure consistent and uniform cooling. A control console linked to these sensors allows Dr. Shelton to monitor and adjust treatment accordingly. Continuous feedback is received to maximize the effectiveness of treatment and minimize any risks, and a paging system automatically alerts Dr. Shelton of any device or patient-oriented issues requiring attention.

The Dr. Shelton difference

Midtown clients are in luck, because Dr. Ron Shelton uses the latest, non-suction CoolSculpting™ applicator to treat specific locations that can’t be treated with other applicators. In addition, Dr. Shelton can use up to four CoolSculpting™ devices at the same time. This considerably decreases treatment time. Very few cosmetic practices in the country can deploy this many devices per session.

In addition, unlike other practices, Dr. Shelton does not delegate the application of this device. Rest assured he would be with you through every step of the process, not just during the consultation.

Be prepared

Get ready for a slimmer, happier you. Over the course of around two to four months, you will appear more sculpted and lean. Measurable fat reduction to treatment areas happens when the cooled fat cells are crystallized, die, and they are eliminated for good through a natural process.

Any numbness, bruising or swelling is typically fleeting and limited to the treated area. These side effects are minimal, in contrast with the risks associated with invasive surgical techniques such as permanent color changes, nerve damage, fluid buildup, and infection that might occur with liposuction