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The reviews are in, and NYC loves Coolsculpting

Never before have we had so many options for body contouring in NYC and other progressive cities around the world. From simple to complex, surgical to non-invasive, there is a way to improve virtually every bulge and bump. Coolsculpting® is a unique solution that stands out from the crowd. It has attracted considerable attention and rave reviews from patients and doctors alike. Why?

Coolsculpting® is:

    • Quick – Depending on the treatment area, each session typically takes at least hour, depending on the number of applicators used, and most patients see improvement within a couple of months. Full results usually develop within six months following the final session.


    • Safe – Coolsculpting® has been tested extensively, and shown to be safe and effective with minimal side effects.


    • Noninvasive – This innovative technique eliminates unwanted fat cells with low temperatures, requiring no surgery.


    • Convenient – There is no downtime and no special maintenance regimen to follow.


    • Long lasting – Because Coolsculpting® actually destroys the fat cells, your new curves are here to stay. If you maintain your current weight with a healthy active lifestyle, the results should last indefinitely.


  • Effective – Most patients achieve visible improvement with just one treatment. However, you can enhance your results with a series of sessions.

Due to the gentle, non-invasive nature of the procedure, Coolsculpting® is safe for most people. However, nothing is "best" for every person. We will perform an evaluation, and discuss your goals before recommending a solution. Coolsculpting® is designed to target stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. It is not an appropriate treatment for obesity, nor is it replacement for healthy weight maintenance techniques. The ideal candidate is not severely obese, but has noticeable bulges such as love handles.

We take pride in providing quality, customized care. Our award-winning team includes board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as a medical aesthetician, nurses, and other trained medical professionals.

What's next?

Schedule a consultation by calling (212) 593 1818 . We offer a wide variety of treatment options, and we will help you choose the best solution for your situation. To learn if Coolsculpting® is right for you, call us at and schedule a consultation.