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Freezing Fat Cells Is an Effective Treatment for 'Saddlebags'

Dr. Shelton discussing new techniques with CoolSculpting's regional practice manager, Mr. Marc Rodman, at the Minus Five Ice Bar at the NY Hilton.

Dr. Ron Shelton and his team are committed to assisting patients in the community with a wide range of medical and aesthetic services. They provide plastic, laser, and dermasurgery for patients who want to look and feel their best. He has invested in some of the highest technology available today for skin care and body contouring and he proudly offers CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a not a type of laser lipolysis, but rather a technology that freezes and kills the fat cells, and helps patients to achieve better body contours with the removal of unwanted fat. Many patients find that CoolSculpting can be extremely beneficial for the flanks or the abdomen. Thankfully, Dr. Ron Shelton can perform this procedure elsewhere on the body, and with the inclusion of the CoolSmooth Pro applicator, he can now perform treatment on the saddlebags in a fraction of the time other dermatologists and medical spas can!

Dr. Ron Shelton has multiple CoolSculpting machines in his practice. This allows him to provide treatment in two areas at one time, cutting treatment times in half. Now, he offers the amazing CoolSmooth Pro device that has special applicators to treat other areas of the body such as the outer thighs (saddlebags). This is a great upgrade for our practice and we are one of the first to adopt it. Traditional dermatology offices, which use the traditional CoolSculpting machine for treatment of areas such as the outer thighs, may be quoting a four-hour treatment time, while the CoolSmooth Pro and the use of multiple devices at once can get our patients in and out of our office in approximately 75 minutes or less.

CoolSculpting has many benefits over traditional liposuction. It provides safe, gradual results with an FDA-cleared device, and it is done by freezing the fat cells underneath the skin and allowing the body to flush them out naturally. Many patients love the ability to avoid surgical intervention and general anesthetics and improve their body in another method that is much less invasive.