With Covid-19 taking its psychological toll on the populace, people have been increasingly showing signs of anxiety and depression. And, in the midst of prevailing uncertainty, feeling good about yourself is the least you can do to keep yourself happy through this summer.

Now that the country is slowly reopening after months of shut down, you can finally get those Botox and fillers that you have been dreaming about. In fact, if you have been noticing crow’s feet during quarantine, these fillers will firm up and tighten the areas of your face which show signs of aging, which are especially visible when you wear your mask.

Dr Shelton has been busy during the post-Covid-19 lockdown, as more and more people have been requesting treatments from the neck up. In a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was noted that the consensus regarding plastic surgery has become more positive, with people growing appreciative of cosmetic treatments and surgeries during the pandemic.

When wearing the face mask, most people seem to have observed the area around their eyes, as well as their jawlines which are visible during Zoom meetings. This has increased the demand for facelifts, neck lifts and the tightening of the jawline compared to pre-pandemic times.

As Dr Shelton advises, Botox™, ThermiSmooth, PicoSure skin lightening and Alastin topical therapy are among the safest facial treatments you can do while wearing a mask this summer. Botox takes less than five minutes to perform and typically targets the uncovered parts of the face, such as the forehead, crow’s feet, and glabella between the eyebrows. And, since there is absolutely no downtime, it will not slow down your summer schedule.

ThermiSmooth is for anyone who wants to safely reduce wrinkles and the minor skin texture issues of the face this summer!

Dr Shelton also mentions that, despite the stressful time we are living in, it is more important than ever to stay calm and positive. And, although the lockdown may come to an end, the pandemic is still there. But this will not stop people from wanting to look good.

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