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CoolSculpting™ NYC

"Wow, my CoolSculpting experience was shockingly comfortable!" - Debra Messing

CoolSculpting Before and After Treatment

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Not every practice that provides the CoolSculpting treatment receives the distinction of Practice Certification, however Dr. Shelton and his staff underwent additional advanced training to ensure their qualifications. This has helped achieve an unparalleled clinical reputation and an undeniably high level of patient satisfaction. CoolSculpting NYC - CoolSculpting Certification Seal

The brand new procedure known as CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™ is one that is non-invasive, gentle, and effective in helping patients get rid of their fat in the needed areas of their body. Following the treatment, patients can expect to achieve a brand new look that will be clearly visible and most importantly, natural-looking. Lasting one to three hours, the CoolSculpting™ procedure basically makes use of state-of-the-art cooling technology to precisely aim at specific fat bulges in a patient's body and get rid of the cells of fat through a step by step process that does no harm to the nearby body tissue.

This procedure has the ability to help patients reduce their fat levels by nearly 20%. If the surgeon prescribes additional fat reduction in a patient's troublesome areas like the love handles or the back, the CoolSculpting™ procedure will be performed following a time period of two to four months. Therefore, a patient is likely to experience a total fat reduction percentage of 20%, since it has been scientifically proven that each CoolSculpting™ procedure on average enables a person to lose nearly 20% of fat.

The first step of a typical CoolSculpting™ procedure involves the selection of the treatment areas by both the patient and the doctor. For example, if a patient decides to get rid of the fat in his or her love handles, then the surgeon positions the CoolSculpting™ system on the patient's side. Thereafter, the system positions the targeted fat bulge between its two cooling panels. During this stage, the patient will likely feel a firm pull. This pull force makes sure that the fat tissues will be cooled in an efficient manner.

Following the procedure, patients can expect to receive visible changes within three weeks. But they should expect to get the most marked differences after about two months. Patients should know that their body will be getting rid of fat cells up to a period of about four months following the procedure.

*Results may vary

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