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Reverse signs of sun damage, aging safely and effectively with next-generation
Infini microneedling device

In as little as 3 months in the capable hands of Dr. Ron Shelton, Infini by Lutronic reverses sun damage, reduces pores, improves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces acne scars, and tightens and perfects skin surface and texture. This advanced motorized microneedling pen is equipped with insulated needles, which allow Dr. Shelton to deliver powerful radiofrequency energy that stimulates new collagen with less downtime than that of older-generation devices and fractional carbon dioxide lasers. Bruising subsides within a few days, and treatment may be applied monthly several times depending on your needs and goals. Your custom treatment may be combined with lasers and other therapies, such as ultrasound devices.

Image shows Microneedling on a patient by Dr. Shelton

Image shows Microneedling on a patient by Dr. Shelton

Infini delivers RF energy to the inner layer or dermis where collagen resides without damaging the outermost epidermis, because this next-generation device is equipped with insulated needles. When your skin makes contact with the needle’s shaft, it is protected due to such insulation. While you may experience some bruising, skin heals very quickly after the procedure and usually discoloration subsides within a few days.

Infini may be applied on a monthly basis, and the number of treatments depends on the nature and extent of your concerns. Even before one completes the series of treatments, it is common to see improvement in the skin’s texture and feel tightening in the skin. Dr. Shelton recommends maintenance treatment for some as soon as six months and others, one year or more after the first treatments. Infini may also be combined with a range of other devices and techniques that are at the doctor’s disposal, including other light- and laser-based options, and ultrasound and RF therapies.

Whatever your concerns may be, rest assured the doctor will customize a treatment plan that best suits your needs and goals, and can address every component of sun damage, sagging, scarring, and other concerns safely and effectively.

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