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Q: Can I receive a good result after liposuction if only a couple hundred CCs of fat are removed from the belly?

A: It’s not how much is removed that’s important in liposuction. It’s how the body looks in its new contour that matters. For some people who are physically-fit, 300ccs of fat removal may make a considerable difference.

Q: I had liposuction but didn’t see much fat in the container. Will I still get a good result?

A: This is an extremely commonly asked question on the internet. Liposuction’s result depends more on what is left behind and how it is left behind in contour, rather than how much is removed. Depending on your physical examination before surgery it might have been determined that there wouldn’t be too much fat removed but recontouring would help your shape. Give it three to six months for maximal healing and then see the surgeon for a reevaluation.

Q: I had a bulge on the upper thigh after liposuction noticed the first day. I repositioned my compression garment and now it looks better. Will there be a long term problem?

A: No, in all probability, whether there was compression or not, the bulge is swelling and will go down. Liposuction takes three to six months to mature. If there still is a bulge after this time, there may be residual fat that needs more liposuction for it to be removed.

Q: I had a laser liposuction procedure and needed two procedures within a few months to improve the lumpiness. It still is irregular, although better. What should I do now that it’s been two months since the last surgery?

A: Liposuction surgery produces increased retraction of collagen for six months after surgery. Multiple surgical revisions can induce significant swelling that won’t allow you to see the true endpoint. You must give it time. Deep tissue massage or external ultrasound can help in the meantime.

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