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Juvederm NY

Juvederm NY – What is the average cost of Juvederm™ treatment?

The average cost of Juvederm™ treatment is the same as the cost for Restylane™ treatment. The average cost of a syringe varies from one country to another and from one surgeon to another, depending on the experience they have. In the US, the cost of a single syringe is around $600-$900. A frequent question that arises regards the special offers or discounts when a patient needs his or her second, third or even a fourth syringe. Most dermatologists provide increasing discounts on consecutive multiple syringes because they do more and more pan facial augmentation, which results in the face getting a very large volume.

The advantages of Juvederm™ are easily evident. In the process of plumping up and the flattening of both the creases and deep facial wrinkles, the Juvederm™ treatment helps quite a bit. Moreover, the finer lines visible around the eyes and the mouth can be treated with use of Juvederm™. It can also be used to carefully develop the lips of the patient. The effects of Juvederm™ treatment will be immediately visible to the patient as soon as the procedure is done. Then the patient can decide whether an additional injection is necessary (although one preliminary treatment is all that is needed). The results of undergoing this procedure last for six months or more. Juvederm™ is steadily absorbed by the body. The site of injection, although originally sore, becomes pliant and soft, and then blends in with the natural skin of the patient. Lastly, no allergy testing is required with Juvederm™; this is because the hyaluronic acid contained in it is safe and human-based.

When Juvederm™ is being used, the risks involved are minimal, and may include some redness and swelling at the site where the Juvederm™ was injected. These are anticipated side effects which will settle within a short period of time. There is also a slight risk of “lumpiness” and more severe swelling. These side effects should also settle within a period of less than seven days. Minor bruising may also be present.