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Juvederm in NYC – What is the difference between Juvedermâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢?

First and foremost, it is important to note that Juvedermâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢ are both Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. They are, however, made by different manufacturers. Juvedermâ„¢ comes from the company known as Allergenâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢ is from the company of the same name, Restylaneâ„¢.

In addition, the concentrations and the cross linking of the Hyaluronic acids within the Juvedermâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢ are somewhat different as well. And Restylaneâ„¢ is known to be more particulate, while Juvedermâ„¢ is slightly smoother.

In spite of these slight differences, both of these dermal fillers are very similar and can be used almost interchangeably to treat patients. However, there are instances where cosmetic dermatologists might need to use a slightly firmer filler, while at other times they might want to use a smooth homogenous filler. So, in essence, cosmetic dermatologists who are looking for a little more ‘oomph’ will use Restylane™, and most patients often don’t mind the resulting firmer feel as well. On the other hand, Juvederm™ is used when the goal is to get a more of a smooth, homogenous effect, especially when treating a large area of the cheek.

Even with respect to cost, undergoing injections of both Juvedermâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢ incur identical costs to patients. In spite of the fact that both the products are virtually the same in many aspects, the average cost per syringe of Juvedermâ„¢ injections can vary due to several reasons. Depending on the country in which the patient is undergoing the treatment and the experience and expertise of the physicians who will administer the injections, the cost will range from $600 to $900 per syringe.

Regardless of which dermal filler a patient uses, they both offer guaranteed results. Patients who undergo dermal filler injections of both Juvedermâ„¢ and Restylaneâ„¢ can expect to get a youthful look at the end of their mere 30 minute long appointment. k of “lumpiness” and more severe swelling. These side effects should also settle within a period of less than seven days. Minor bruising may also be present.