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How Juvéderm combines with other procedures in NYC to deliver the best after-treatment results batch

The first step in any treatment is an aesthetic evaluation and a consultation. The ultimate goal of a cosmetic procedure is to help you feel great about your appearance. Realistic expectations and a full understanding of your options can make the difference between delight and disappointment. Juvéderm is a wonderful product, but it has a very specific use. If you have a very specific concern, for example if you love your face with the exception of thin lips, Juvéderm may be exactly what you need. However, if you are looking for comprehensive treatment, you will most likely need a customized plan incorporating multiple procedures.

Juvéderm After Results NYC

Juvéderm and other fillers

As you probably know, Juvéderm is an injectable filler, used to add volume. It is used most often to replace volume that is lost with age, but it can also augment naturally thin features or improve facial asymmetry. There are many brands of fillers, with slight differences. Juvéderm is especially smooth, and thinner than some formulas making it good for fine detail and shallow folds.

Juvéderm may not be resilient enough to hold its shape in deep injections. Areas needing a significant amount of volume, such as the cheeks, are usually treated with a thicker formula such as Radiesse, or Voluma, the latter is from the same maker as Juvéderm.

Anti-aging treatment beyond fillers

Age is an extremely complex process, and requires equally complex solutions. The popular term "anti-aging" can be misleading, because cosmetic procedures cannot stop the clock. What they can do is improve various signs of aging. Dermal fillers are an excellent solution for wrinkles associated with volume loss, but there are other causes. Most notably, muscles can become rigid, creating lines in the overlying skin. This is most common in the upper part of the face. While we cannot fill muscular wrinkles, they can be reduced or eliminated with Botox® or Dysport, which soften the muscles. Additionally, wrinkles are only one aspect of aging skin. These injectables do not address uneven skin tone, sagging cheeks and necks, brown spots, dryness, poor texture, and similar concerns. We offer a variety of gentle, convenient solutions such as laser or plasma treatment, non-invasive treatments such as Ultherapy, Pelleve and Thermage to tighten and even lift skin, and minimally invasive non-cutting procedures such as ThermiRF which delivers the radiofrequency energy to the exact depth we need to tighten and lift the tissues directly.

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