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Great results with minimal after procedure recovery time with Fraxel in NYC

Aesthetic medicine, like many other fields, has evolved and improved dramatically in recent years, thanks to continually advancing science and technology. Today, cosmetic improvements can be accomplished in less time, with less recovery, and faster results than just a few years ago. Without a doubt, that statement will continue to be true for years to come, as developments and discoveries occur on a near-daily basis. Therefore, we regularly update the technology and equipment in our facility. We are proud to provide genuine Fraxel treatment in NYC, bringing you the latest innovation from one of the most respected companies in aesthetic technology.

How Fraxel changed the face of aesthetic medicine

Fraxel™ has been a leader in laser treatment for many years. The older technique of delivering carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing was effective, but aggressive. It ablated the entire skin surface, which created a wound equaling a second-degree burn. Healing was uncomfortable, and took nearly two weeks to complete. Additionally, there was a small risk of scars, and some patients experienced redness lasting for several months. That changed dramatically with fractional laser technology, pioneered by Solta Medical, makers of Fraxel™.

Fraxel™ Repair

The modern alternative is fractionated laser treatment (Fraxel Repair), which delivers the same powerful energy in a gentler way. Excellent results can be achieved with less discomfort, less downtime, and less risk. The Fraxel Repair laser also ablates the skin surface, but not all at once. Instead, the energy is fractionated, producing a multitude of fine energy beams. Therefore, it creates a dense grouping of evenly spaced, tiny "wounds" across the treatment area, with a thin margin of untreated tissue separating them. The system has been refined and improved for many years. Today, Fraxel Repair treatment can be accomplished in as little as 20 minutes (depending on the treatment area), with minimal downtime. Clinical results may be seen as soon as seven days.

Fraxel Dual

The latest system is the Fraxel Dual. It does not replace Fraxel Repair, it is an entirely different system with unique benefits of its own. Fraxel Dual is a non-ablative treatment that targets deep tissues, triggering the natural regenerative process while leaving the outermost layer intact. Side effects, such as redness or flaking, are minimal and typically resolve within a few days. It is safe to camouflage any visible side effects with cosmetics. Fraxel Dual can improve the tone, texture, and appearance of skin with minimal disruption to your life.

Page updated: November 2021

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