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Ron Shelton M.D.

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Patients in the Manhattan area who are ready to take charge of the signs of aging may speak to a dermatologist such as Dr. Ron Shelton about the methods available to rejuvenate their skin. In our modern dermatology office, we offer patients a variety of techniques for resurfacing the skin, and we highly suggest that patients consider the benefits of laser therapies.

Dermatologist in NYC Dr Ron Shelton
Dermatologist in NYC Dr Ron Shelton

Lasers have been used for many years to providing patients with an anti-aging solution. Additionally, many lasers can be used to address conditions such as rosacea, chronic eczema, and acne. Patients who want to find an effective method of improving their skin can speak to our team about laser therapies.

At our practice, we believe in using the highest quality products and devices. This is why we recommend that patients stick with treatments such as Fraxel®. Fraxel® is one of the leading companies in laser therapies. The line of Fraxel® devices includes:

Fraxel® Restore
Fraxel® Dual
Fraxel® Repair
Fraxel® Clear and Brilliant

Our team has the training and experience necessary to provide safe, effective treatments. All Fraxel® devices used in our practice are cleared by the FDA. They offer amazing results when patients set up a regular treatment regimen. Patients are welcome to contact our practice to schedule a consultation appointment, during which Dr. Shelton will discuss the most appropriate treatment for their needs. Each Fraxel® product works differently and has its own advantages, so an examination is the best way to determine which treatment is appropriate. We want to ensure our patients enjoy the results they achieve and look and feel terrific!

We are ready and willing to help you and your family with skin concerns and improvements desired. Dr. Ron Shelton is a Board certified dermatologist who subspecializes in dermatologic surgery. As a part of a comprehensive dermatologic practice, he also provides other cosmetic dermatology services such as non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening, soft tissue fillers, and neuromodualtors.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our team, call today. We welcome new and existing patients to our state-of-the-art dermatological practice in the Midtown Manhattan area.