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Cosmetic Dermatology in NYC – What kinds of skin defects can cosmetic dermatology resolve?

It can improve young people’s biological changes in their skin such as acne scars by using methods such as dermabrasion, punch grafts, laser resurfacing with Fraxel™ restore and Fraxel™ repair and portrait plasma technology, as well as chemical peels. As people get older, evidence of sun damage from when they were a child becomes visible with fine lines, and these can be treated with Fraxel™ restore technology.

Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Ron Shelton
Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Ron Shelton

There are times that products can be prescribed, or assuming products can be recommended, that help as antioxidants, moisturizers or collagen producers. Patients can also be given prescriptions for lightening creams to repair the start of sun damage and brown spots. Brown spots can also be treated using Fraxel™ restore and Fraxel™ repair, portrait plasma and chemical peels. Wrinkles can be treated with fillers such as Restylane™ and Juvederm™. Other fillers for deeper folds can be treated with Radiesse™. Larger volume loss as we get older which creates sagging can be treated with Sculptra™ and fat injections. Fat injections are also called “fat grafts” or microlipoinjections.

Furthermore, body contour irregularities can be treated with liposuction when there is adipose or fatty accumulation in one area that is not responding to diet and exercise. These areas can be sculpted. For instance, by using neck liposuction, abdominal or tummy liposuction, love handle liposuction, waist and hip and thigh liposuction, especially the outer thighs which are commonly referred to as saddle bags.

Skin color changes such as redness in the face, even if it is congenital port wine stains, can be treated with V-Beam and other yellow light lasers. But facial redness from rosacea that occurs in adults, and capillary or small blood vessels, that we call telangiectases, can be treated easily with the V-Beam laser. Brown spots, which give an aged appearance, can be treated by the ruby laser and alexandrite laser referred to as the Alex Laser or the neo-dynium-YAG, which is referred to as Nd-Yag. And textural changes from sun damage can also be improved using Fraxel™ restore or Fraxel™ repair or the portrait plasma and medium depth chemical peels.

Unwanted hair growth in certain areas can also be treated by laser hair removal such as with the light sheer diode laser. Sagging in the skin can be improved by tightening the skin with Thermage™. Finally, lines that are created by muscle movement in the upper forehead between the eyebrows and the eyes can be treated with Botox or Dysport™.

Therefore, for almost any skin defect there is a treatment available in cosmetic dermatology. The only thing a patient needs to do is to consult a doctor first before undergoing any treatment or treatments.
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