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What results can NYC patients expect after Fraxel Laser, Clear and Brilliant treatment?

Clear and Brilliant, a Fraxel laser by Solta, is offered by Dr. Ron Shelton in NYC. Many patients undergo this laser treatment, as it will stimulate collagen and elastin to provide resiliency and elasticity. It can also address pigmentation concerns.

The procedure is done in a comfortable manner. Topical anesthetic is applied to the face before the treatment to ensure that patients feel much less discomfort than many other lasers. The device uses a roller ball that is only activated when it is touching the skin, making it extremely safe to use. Settings can be adjusted based on the strength of the treatment needed and the comfort of the patient.

Many patients are curious about what they can expect after their treatment. Dr. Shelton and his staff will discuss the procedure from start to finish with his patients in consultation. One of the primary benefits of Clear and Brilliant is the ability to undergo a laser treatment that does not require weeks of recovery time. Most laser treatments require extensive downtime, but Clear and Brilliant does not. Many patients are able to go about their day without any side effects. Some may experience slight redness of the surface, but this is minor and often goes away within a few hours.

The results of Clear and Brilliant occur long after the initial treatment. The stimulation of collagen helps improve the texture of the skin over time. Patients are encouraged to schedule several sessions for the best results. Four to six treatments scheduled approximately two to three weeks apart are recommended, and additional treatments may be done if necessary. Patients can speak with their doctor to determine the treatment schedule that will work best to obtain the results they desire.

Dr. Shelton is happy to help patients choose a laser treatment that works best for their condition, their lifestyle, and their budget. Clear and Brilliant is a wonderful tool for all teen and adult patients to consider adding to their skin routine.

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