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I was born with one eyebrow higher than the other. Can this be fixed with Botox?

Your eyebrow asymmetry can be adjusted and maintained but not permanently fixed without a brow lift focusing on one side. The Botox or Dysport injections can relax the more raised area, or lift the more depressed area depending on your examination results. The result should last about three to four months.

If I had Botox injected into my forehead a year ago and I notice now that the upper eyelid on one side is slightly lower, could that be a permanent effect of the treatment with Botox?

Neither Botox nor Dysport injections can permanently interfere with muscle function. After four months, sometimes close to five, most, if not all the Botox or Dysport, wears off. You could be noticing a normal aging phenomenon that starts in our 30’s but you should see your doctor for an evaluation. Some people do have a coincidental onset of systemic problems that are unrelated to the Botox treatment, that can present with one weak upper eyelid so make sure that you have it evaluated.

I have two friends each having had Botox in the same area, but one doctor used a full syringe and the other friend’s doctor used what looked like a third of a syringe. Is one of the doctors doing it wrong?

Every patient has different needs, even if it is in the same cosmetic area. Some patients have stronger muscle groups than others. The number of units is the important data to compare.

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