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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Can I wear a tight pony tail after having Botox injections or Dysport?

A: Yes, this shouldn't interfere with your treatment. The Botox is bound to the neuromuscular junction so that the pulling of the hair doesn't interfere with the effect of the Dysport or Botox.

Q: If I had Botox in my forehead, should I be concerned that today I had a blowout and my hairdresser was really pulling hard on my hair?

A: No. Don't be concerned that the Botox effect was damaged in any way by your hairstylist.

Q: My forehead dropped from Botox three weeks ago. Will it get worse?

A: Probably not. The effect of Botox tends to maximize itself at two weeks or less.

Q: Is there any important reason I should have Xeomin or Dysport over Botox?

A: No. The three neurotoxins are very similar and all in the “B” serotype of botulinum toxin. There may be subtle nuances such as an onset of action being one day earlier with Dysport, but the three products are very similar clinically.

Q: Should I be concerned if some Botox got on my skin?

A: The Botox should not cause any problem as it is diluted and easily wiped away.

Q: I have a twitch near my lower eyelid. Can Botox help me?

A: Small doses may minimize or temporarily eliminate the twitch but there can be secondary, unwanted, effects such as drooping and accessory muscle contraction and wrinkles that are new, but temporary. See an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon for a consultation, but only if they are an expert at Botox injections.

Q: How much should Botox cost for the crow's feet?

A: There is no one answer. The region of practice, the number of units and whether the physician or nurse is providing the treatment may influence the cost.