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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I just had Botox for my crow's feet. How soon can I have Fraxel laser done?

A: Usually we wait one to two weeks after Botox to allow the muscle to relax and the skin become smoother so that the area heals better after laser on a smoother non-wrinkling base. The Botox will not be negated by the laser, even if done one day later.

Q: As a gymnast I do a lot of tumbling. I have a tournament in two days and I just remembered I have a Botox appointment tomorrow. Should I reschedule it?

A: As your tournament is one day after the Botox, there is no reason you should reschedule the Botox. We only recommend four hours of avoiding bending over at the waist and not to lie flat on your back. If one must nap within the four hours of Botox injections, they should do so on several pillows or a recliner to keep their head elevated.

Q: I saw a new doctor for botox and they injected me differently than my prior doctor. If I get a sagging eyelid, how many days after Botox will this happen?

A: Drooping can occur within a few days, but the effect can be maximized up to a week or two later. It is rare to see it the same day as the Botox treatment.

Q: Why won't my Botox last longer than three months?

A: Some patients can almost get four months but three seems to be average. If your doctor however, can safely administer more units, than the longevity may be greater. Of course, that is for your physician to determine as increasing the number of units per area may have unwanted side effects.

Q: I had my neurologist treat a nerve twitch in my face with Botox but now I can't move my eyebrow as much as I want. How long will this last?

A: It may take a few months for the muscle to awaken, but often there is some function that resumes in the first six to eight weeks.

Q: Should I have botox to lower my forehead?

A: You need to be careful as this can lower your upper eyelids as well and most people want to "open" their eyes more than to close them. Also, women may develop a masculine flat eyebrow rather than maintain their feminine arch by lowering foreheads with botox.

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