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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: My nostrils flare out when I smile and I asked my doctor to inject Botox to relax them but he said it could make my smile different. Why is that?

A: The muscles that lift out the nostrils are adjacent to the levator muscles of the lip. The Botox can diffuse to the adjacent muscles of the lip and relax them as well.

Q: I have had a lazy eye since childhood. Now I want Botox for my crow's feet. Will this make my lazy eye worse?

A: Although there can't be a guarantee that there wouldn't be some effect , there shouldn't be. The number of units for cosmetic Botox could be less and its placement different and more superficial than treatment for the extraocular eye muscles.

Q: Over the last year, I suddenly feel older when I look at my face. The eyes have gotten smaller and my eyebrows look heavier. When I put on my mascara, I actually have to lift the eyebrow to pull up the skin over the eyelid. Can I have Botox to help this?

A: You're describing a normal aging process that starts in our forties, for most people, although it can begin earlier in some. The upper eyelid skin starts to fall down on itself because the eyebrow and forehead have dropped. Botox in the forehead for horizontal lines could make this worse but Botox in the glabella (region between the eyebrows) and the outer eyebrows can help lift this region. A blepharoplasty, and / or a brow lift can help but if you're not ready for surgery, or if the amount of skin that has dropped is very little, then Ultherapy ultrasound non-invasive treatment of the forehead may help lift the skin a little.

Q: I liked my Botox of my crows' feet. When the Botox wears off, will it look worse than it did before?

No. Once Botox wears off, the normal muscular activity returns to normal.