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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I have an important social function in two days. Should I have my first Botox treatment tomorrow? I want to look good for the function.

A: Botox may not show its effectiveness for three days or more. It may take a week or two. You might, however, develop a bad bruise that could last two weeks. This is rare, but as this would be your first treatment and you don't know how you would respond, it would be more advisable to wait until you had several weeks of downtime before injecting the Botox. This would allow time to adjust the dosage if there is an asymmetry or failure to be effective with the initial dose used.

Q: Can I get acne from Botox injections? I never had acne and am in my forties but had my first Botox treatment in the forehead and a month later I have pimples. Why?

A: This may be coincidental to you using some other product that is known to cause acne. Cold Creams have been a big factor in people developing acne. Maybe a new sunscreen or an old one that is contaminated and needs to be replaced. Maybe a new hair product that is spreading over the forehead during the day and causing the problem? Botox has not been noted to cause acne.

Q: If I had Botox to my crow's feet three weeks ago but I can still see lines when I smile, did the doctor not use enough Botox?

A: Crow's feet are the lines from the corners of the eyes that are caused by squinting. There are additional lines that fall underneath the eyelids from smiling big. These muscles should not be relaxed with Botox as the smile muscles can be relaxed and cause problems chewing and speaking and drinking.

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