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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Can you fly after Botox™ injections?

A: There is no evidence that flying right after Botox™ will affect its result, but I suggest waiting a full day to minimize the slight pressure changes that may affect swelling in the injected areas.

Q: What can be done if the outer eyebrow is arched high after Botox™ injections on the forehead?

A: When the forehead is treated in addition to, or separate from, the glabellar frown area, there are times that the Botox™ injections are placed more towards the middle, but as the injections are inserted going to the outer aspect of the forehead, they're stopped before the line over the outer eyebrow. After a couple of days when the forehead muscle stops contracting and elevating the middle forehead, the innate tendency to lift the forehead can only occur on the outer aspect. In fact, when this happens, the muscle tends to even elevate when the face is at rest. As the outer forehead muscle elevates the tail of the eyebrow, the eyebrow then becomes arched in an angular way, making the person look stern or quizzical. This is easily remedied by having a tiny dose of Botox™ inserted into that area.

Q: Can there be asymmetry of the face after Botox™ the first day after treatment?

A: It is important to realize that we are all born with two sides of the face that are not equal. The muscles on one side may respond faster to the Botox™ than those of the other side. It takes a couple of weeks for the Botox™ to develop its full effect, so be patient and wait for this outcome. Certainly if there is a very peculiar appearance, please let your physician know and there may be an untreated area that needs a tiny dose of Botox™ to equalize the effect.

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