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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I saw a person at a party who showed me they were unhappy with Botox they had. Their smile goes up on one side and not the other. Why did this happen?

A: Sometimes, when injecting the bunny lines around the nose or the lower crow's feet or lower eyelid lines, the muscles that elevate the lip on that side become relaxed and when smiling, the patient’s other side lifts but not the side of Botox treatment. This will revert to normal in about three to four months after the injections and with good placement, may never happen again with repeated treatment.

Q: Can Botox help my watery eye?

A: Probably not as most watery eyes are related to a lack of poor drainage and the Btox could weaken the skin’s elasticity of the eyelid making this worse. Tears need to be drained in the proper channel to the tear duct. If there is a true over production of tears, it may be caused by an irritation to the cornea. Please see an ophthalmologist.

Q: My dentist offered Botox injections when I was there last. Should I say yes?

A: Experience helps a physician provide the best care. Would you have your dermatologist do teeth whitening? Probably not although such laser treatment is in the scientific knowledge base of a dermatologist. The dentist is not as aware of all the anatomic variants that exist in nerves and vessels in the face and may not be as well versed to provide you with the best cosmetic treatment of Botox.

Q: I have had Botox for years and never got a bruise. Now that I have to go to a wedding in a few days, this time, I got a bad bruise near my eye from Botox. What can I do to make it go away faster?

A: Sometimes, taking Arnica Montana, an herb, can help lessen the bruise. Applying a stable vitamin K cream can help lessen the bruise. Using a warm compress a few minutes, several times a day can help make the bruise go away faster, if it is done more than a day after the bruise occurs. Finally, the doctor can use the V-beam laser to make the bruise go away more quickly.

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