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What Botox injection techniques work best for reducing lines and wrinkles?

The signs of aging can have a dramatic effect on the face. Patients with fine lines and wrinkles visit Dr Ron Shelton's practice to learn about injectables that reduce or eliminate the appearance of these unwanted folds. An initial visit with Dr. Shelton assists patients in making an educated decision in regards to the best treatment for them. Many consider Botox injections to address the signs of aging.

Botox is an injectable medication that reduces the activity of a particular muscle on the face. The medication is injected into muscles to lessen movement and tension, which, in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and folds that may have developed due to the contraction of these muscles. This is best described as a fold on a piece of paper. The more the folds are pressed, the more the creases on the paper will show over time. By reducing the movement of the muscle, these folds and wrinkles lessen in appearance. Patients also enjoy combining Botox with dermal fillers, which further improves the results by filling out the folds and smoothing treatment areas.

Patients can use their consultation period to discuss with Dr. Shelton Botox injection techniques. However, patients must understand that dermatologists, such as Dr. Shelton, have extensive training and experience in providing Botox injections and they are well trained on where to inject the medication for the best results. Having a trustworthy dermatologist offering treatment is key to seeing results and reducing the risk of any side effects.

When patients come, Dr. Shelton asks the patient to tense areas of the face to determine the best injection sites. The muscles of the face will contract, allowing him to inject the Botox in the appropriate locations. After the injections are completed, patients are given instructions for aftercare and learn what to expect over the course of the next few days.