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What is Best Botox™ in NYC used for?

The neurotoxin, Botox™ is used in the treatment of muscle spasms or other neurological disorders caused by abnormal contractions of the muscles. It is also used to provide patients with temporary relief from wrinkles by smoothening them out.

Botox™ is an effective treatment for facial lines. It helps to smooth facial lines by weakening or paralyzing the muscles which cause frowning. Limiting the activity of such muscles helps decrease the amount and severity of facial creases, wrinkles and lines. Even though Botox™ is commonly used around the mouth, it can cause problems. The muscle weakening caused by Botox™ can affect speaking, eating and drinking. In fact, singers, vocalists or flutists may find their line of work affected by such effects.

Dr. Shelton also uses Botox™ to cure frown lines which appear between the eyebrows. While this is not a serious medical problem, it is a serious cosmetic problem for many! For such patients, Botox™ is injected into the affected muscles. This helps block the release of the chemical acetylcholine. Blocking this chemical stops the muscles from contracting and so weakens or paralyzes them.

Crow's feet are also a source of worry to many people as they quickly add on years to their appearance. Over time, these wrinkles tend to deepen as the muscles around this area thicken from use. Dr. Shelton cures crow's feet by injecting small amounts of Botox™ into the appropriate muscle. This causes the muscle to relax and thereby eliminates or reduces the appearance of crow's feet.

Botox™ can provide cosmetic corrections which look very natural.

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