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There are many treatments for cosmetic dermatology, but generally lasers are used to deal with improving the appearance of the skin. For instance, lasers are used in hair removal, to reduce redness and leg veins, as well as brown spots, sun damage, and tattoos. Lasers are also used on wrinkles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as for resurfacing acne scars to minimize pore size.

Furthermore, tightening devices such as the Thermage™ radiofrequency is a non invasive treatment that can help lift certain sagging areas. There are resurfacing devices such as the Fraxel™ restore which requires a series of treatments that is minimally invasive with minimal down time. And there’s also Fraxel™ repair which is used for more serious wrinkles and depressions and is more invasive and requires a one and a half to two week recovery time.

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Wrinkles and volume loss creates an aged appearance which can be treated by fillers. Fillers such as Restylane™, Juvederm™ and Radiesse™ can give an immediate improvement to wrinkles and volume loss. Furthermore, volume enhancement can be obtained with Radiesse™. When even more needs to be done to improve and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fat injections can be used.

Volume loss is also treated by Sculptra™, but rather than being a filler, this is a volume stimulator and does not provide any immediate gratification, which means the result is obtained after a series of treatments and results can be seen occurring over a six month period as the body responds by producing more collagen.

Chemical peels can also assist in improving the texture of the skin and color. Muscle relaxers such as Botox and Dysport™ also reduce muscle contraction in areas that create wrinkles such as the crow’s feet on the outer eyelids. The glabella lines which are commonly referred to as the “eleven” meaning it looks like two parallel vertical lines between the eye brows as well as the upper forehead horizontal lines can also be treated with Botox and Dysport™.

Liposuction is another treatment that can be used in cosmetic dermatological surgery. Liposuction can be used to improve body contour, and the perfect candidate for such surgery is one who does diet and exercise, but has an area on the body that is finite and well delineated, but cannot reduce it. These include areas such as the lower belly, the outer thighs, the neck area, and love handles.

Thus, there are a number of treatments available in cosmetic dermatologic surgery, but as with any treatment, it is important to consult best cosmetic dermatologist in nyc before undergoing any procedure.

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