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Belotero for Fine Lines NYC

Belotero opens new options for treating fine lines in NYC

Many patients, and doctors alike, would agree that dermal fillers are among the most important developments in aesthetic medicine. These products provide a fast, convenient, non-surgical option for diminishing facial wrinkles and folds, often taking many years off a person's appearance. Although injectables will not achieve identical results to a surgery, and Dr. Ron Shelton stresses this to his patients, they have provided a good alternative for individuals who are not ready for surgery, earning them the nickname "liquid facelift." The most recent name in dermal fillers is Belotero, and it has opened up brand new possibilities for this already versatile treatment.

The challenge of fine lines  

You may assume that, if a product is capable of correcting severe facial folds and deep wrinkles, it could surely smooth out a few fine lines. However, it is not as simple as it may seem. When a significant amount of volume is needed, such as deep wrinkles or sunken cheeks, a thick, resilient product is best. It is injected deeply, raising the sunken area.

If we were to inject a filler in the deep tissue beneath fine lines, it would elevate the general area, creating a swollen appearance – and the fine lines would likely still be visible on top of it all. To correct very fine lines, we need a very small amount of filler, placed closer to the surface, but thick formulas can cause lumps if they are too superficial. This is where Belotero comes in. As a uniquely thin, extra smooth formula, it allows for more superficial, precision facial sculpting than other common fillers.

One of the most troubling areas for people are the vertical upper and lower lip lines. In women, lipstick can bleed into these creases and make it more frustrating. Belotero, when superficially placed, can smoothen these vertical lip lines. Patients are informed that immediate bruising can occur under each of these lines and take more than a week to go away.

The benefits of Belotero

The procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes, with minimal discomfort. Like other dermal fillers, Belotero is a popular lunchtime treatment. The benefits of Belotero treatment include:

  • Unique formula has excellent adaption, allowing it to "blend" for an exceptionally smooth and natural result
  • See improvement immediately
  • Results can last six months or longer
  • FDA approved
  • Excellent results for delicate contours, fine lines, and other precision facial sculpting
  • Beautifully natural appearance