Q: Can one laser treat my wrinkles and freckles?

A: The Fraxel Dual laser is specifically designed to do both. It can help lessen the lines, and pigment changes. There may be up to a week of flaking of darker skin tone but after a few treatments, the skin can appear refreshed.

Q: I just had Fraxel Dual for my sundamage one week ago and just found out I have to travel for work to Mexico. What should I do?

A: Speak to your physician but a good sunblock could be used right away. It should be a water resistant ultraviolet A and B sunscreen.

Q: If I had laser hair removal a month ago, can I have Fraxel?

A: There should not be a problem doing fraxel laser now, whether Fraxel Repair or Restore or Dual, unless you are about to have a laser hair removal treatment too soon after the Fraxel. Check with your doctor as to which Fraxel, and what is the treatment plan.

Q: If I had fat injections and now have one area which is lumpy, can Fraxel laser help reduce this bump?

A: No, Fraxel will not help reduce or thin out a fatty lump. You might need microliposuction.

Q: I read someone complain about their fractional laser treatment on the internet. Should I be concerned about having a Fraxel laser treatment?

A: Different providers have different technique and skills. Some have used lasers for many years, and others learned recently from a company who sells the lasers. In addition, not all patients are treated by doctors and this may increase the risk. The physician must know which laser is best for their patient’s skin type and skin condition. Different fractional lasers do not all work as well as Fraxel. The Restore can provide much less downtime than the Repair and the Fraxel Restore is done as a series of treatments several weeks apart but the Repair is more involved in the convalescence and is indicated for different skin conditions. See an experienced laser surgeon for a consultation and you should have a very good chance of obtaining a good result if they say you’re a good candidate for Fraxel treatment.