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Permea NYC

Achieve more beautiful skin with Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatment in Manhattan

Dr. Ron Shelton is on the forefront of dermatological science. He is happy to offer his patients proven treatments to achieve their needs and expectations. In Dr. Shelton’s Midtown Manhattan office, men and women can address pigmentation and aging concerns with the Clear + Brilliant® Permea laser.

On its own, the Clear + Brilliant® laser is used to address concerns such as pore size, laxity, texture, and other signs of age. This laser treatment is popular for its lasting effects and its non-invasive nature. With no downtime, the appearance of skin can be preserved or corrected in just a few minutes.

Permea is Clear + Brilliant® and then some. In addition to the laser technology of the Clear + Brilliant® procedure, Permea treats the skin with a powerful, topical antioxidant solution. The goal with this advanced skin treatment is to enhance the permeability of the skin and improve skin tone.

Clear + Brilliant® Permea is used to treat conditions such as:

  • Melasma
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Age and sun spots
  • Acne scarring

Men and women who want to address the signs of aging or preserve youthful looking skin can benefit from Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatment with Dr. Shelton. Treatments are completed in our office in about half an hour, allowing you to get right back to your normal activities. Due to the thermal energy with which the skin is treated, there is often a warming sensation during treatment. For improved comfort, Dr. Shelton may apply a topical anesthetic before beginning laser care. After treatment, skin may look slightly red and swollen. Within a few hours, these side effects should disappear.

Because Clear + Brilliant® Permea treatments work on the restructuring of the skin from the inside out, final results are noticed over time. Though slight improvement can be noticed after the first treatment, we suggest four to six sessions in our office to achieve dramatic results that last.