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Alastin for sun damaged skin

Regimen Pro® Skin Care Products

I am delighted to inform you that you can now purchase Physician-dispensed Skin Care products which I have personally researched but are not stocked in my practice. In addition you may order products that we do have in my practice without making the trip to see us.

With the new reality of Covid-19, many of my patients prefer to  minimize their  visits so  I have partnered with Regimen Pro®, a company started by dermatologists,  to keep you supplied with your favorite skincare products. Regimen Pro® can help you maintain your skincare routine by providing convenient online access to doctor-dispensed products. Regimen Pro® also helps to avoid many virus-spreading touch points by shipping fresh and authentic products directly from the manufacturer to your home.

Click THIS link to create an account with me and then search my name and look for my Top Picks. It is simple to start ordering your products, knowing that they are authentic, not counterfeited and that they have been properly stored so that you are obtaining good quality products (this is not guaranteed when ordering from third party sites including Amazon.com). Regimen Pro has a great return policy. Soon there will be an option for you to order packages incorporating the different products my patients use for Pre Laser, Post Procedure, Skin Rejuvenating Maintenance for photodamage, wrinkling and even sunspots.