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Q: I was overseas and had liposuction of my neck and there is too much of a depression underneath the jawbone. Can this be filled in?

A: If there is an area after liposuction of a depression, it is not uncommon that fat injections/fat grafts/fat transfer are done to improve the contour.

Q: I had liposuction at a different doctor’s office and it’s been three months. At this time I have a lot of folds, indentations, and some areas of skin that are hard and look irregular. Will this still improve?

A: Healing after liposuction occurs for six months after the procedure, although most of the contraction is in the first three months. My goal in liposuction, is not to remove all the fat and I am very respectful of leaving behind a tiny cushion of fat underneath the dermis as support and insulation, as well as to provide circulation. If liposuction is too superficial then the dermis can be bound down to the fascia and leave hard areas with indentations. I like the skin envelope to be brought down gently as the deeper fat layer recedes. In this way, an artistic restructuring occurs, not a de-fatting procedure which can leave someone looking unnatural.

Q: As a woman I am interested in keeping a flat stomach but I don’t know if liposuction can help me. I was told that some fat can be behind the muscle wall and this fat can’t be removed with liposuction. Will I need a cat scan to check this before surgery?

A: No, you will not need a cat scan to determine if the fat you have is behind or above the muscle wall. Only the supramuscular fat is amenable to undergo liposuction. A simple examination during your consultation with your surgeon will evaluate if you are a candidate for liposuction.

Q: If I am sick with the flu today, can I keep my liposuction appointment for next week?

A: If you are fully recovered from the flu, and you are no longer taking medication for the symptoms, you may be approved for surgery. But if there are lingering symptoms or if you are taking medication for the flu that can interact with the metabolism of the local anaesthetic, then it would be safer to reschedule the surgery for after you are completely recovered.

Q: I had liposuction today on my abdomen and don’t see any improvement when I look down this evening. Did I get a good result, or was it worthless?

A: Swelling starts immediately after liposuction. Compression garments help in this regard. You have to expect weeks of diminishing swelling before it will look better than it was before surgery, although it may resolve more quickly. Ask your surgeon for reassurance.

Q: I had Smart Lipo somewhere but didn’t get enough reduction in fat in my muffin top, but I am happy with the fat loss in the arms, thighs and belly. Should my surgeon have done more liposuction?

A: For safety, there is a limit of local anaesthetic that can be given during liposuction. Adding additional areas to be done at the same time may increase the amount of local tumescent anaesthetic required by the surgeon to exceed the safe level. Patients often need to have two separate surgical appointments if multiple areas need treatment, especially with Smart Lipo as the local anaesthetic is needed to prevent overheating.

Q: I can’t afford liposuction with the surgeon who I saw in consultation but I saw an advertisement for a special rate with Smart Lipo. Is it just as good?

A: Liposuction is not rated based on the equipment as much as the surgeon who is doing the procedure. Smart Lipo is a laser-assisted liposuction. The device is quite costly and in order to perform it well, the surgeon should be spending a sufficient amount of time performing the laser component and then doing the normal part of the liposuction. Therefore it should take longer and with more expensive equipment, the price might be greater.. If you shop based on price only, you may end up seeing a practice that is more of a “mill” and not selective of their patients. Not all patients are equal candidates for liposuction and you would want to be told honestly if you should have the procedure or not. The results from Smart Lipo can be as good as conventional liposuction and in some cases, theoretically, may provide a slightly better result from contraction of the collagen from the laser heat energy. At the same time, laser lipo has a risk of thermal burn and atrophy affecting the dermis that doesn’t exist with tumescent liposuction without the laser energy.

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