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Laser Liposuction New York

Q: I have cellulite and was told I could have SmartLipo and it will reduce my cellulite. Is this true?

A: No treatment can guarantee reduction of cellulite. Standard tumescent liposuction may improve, not change or worsen preexisting cellulite. Laser heating with SmartLipo can not guarantee a homogenous, smooth reduction in cellulite either. Thermage radiofrequency may improve the cellulite, but nothing will eliminate it entirely.

Q: My doctor said to use an antibiotic ointment on my liposuction insertion sites for several weeks. I developed severe itching about four days after I started. Could this be an infection?

A: Usually infection is not an itchy rash. What you describe is most likely an allergic reaction to the antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin, Polysporin or Neosporin (triple antibiotic ointment. Stop the ointment and see your doctor. You may need a prescription for a corticosteroid ointment and if the itching is very severe, you can take an antishitame

Q: Will I increase weight after liposuction?

A: The ideal patient for liposuction is one who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet, but can’t lose the small bulge of the lower belly, outer thighs, love handles, etc. If however, someone has an abundant amount of fat in many different areas, then they are consuming too many calories for their ideal body weight. The equation is simple… Fat produced (energy in excess) = Calories consumed – energy expended (energy in work, exercise and basal metabolic rate). If someone is fat-endowed, and has liposuction but doesn’t reduce the amount of calories they consume, then the excess energy will be the same as before the surgery and the fat will store this energy as bigger and even new fat cells. Yes that’s right, we do make new fat cells contrary to what many believe. If your weight increases over 170% of your ideal body weight, then it can make new fat cells. The fat that goes back on after liposuction may be put on partially on the area that had surgery but as there are less fat cells there because of the liposuction removal, the fat normally goes on other body parts that have the same abundant stores as before surgery and can store more fat.

So reduce your calories and increase your exercise after liposuction to maintain your new physique.

Q: I could lose just 5 pounds but my lower abdomen is quite puffy. Can I have liposuction?

A: Yes you can but you might get a better result by undergoing this liposuction after you reduce the volume of unwanted fat as much as you can through diet and exercise.

Q: I have a fat neck but also suffer from sleep apnea. Should I have liposuction to help improve my sleep apnea?

A: There is no evidence that reduction of the mass of fat in the neck will improve your sleeping problem.

Q: I want to get pregnant next year but I hate my lower belly pouch. Can I have liposuction now or will it get ruined when I’m pregnant?

A: You may certainly undergo liposuction now without being concerned that pregnancy will ruin your results. Liposuction removes some, not all, of your fat cells permanently. You can gain weight, most definitely, if you consume more calories than the energy you expend. It is an abdominoplasty that you would not want to undergo, especially if the muscle is tightened, and then stretch it out during pregnancy.

Q: I had SmartLipo two weeks ago and now have a bad taste in my mouth after I eat. What could be causing this?

A: There may be multiple different causes, some which have nothing to do with your surgery. If you are wearing a compression garment and eating large volumes of food, especially if you drink alcohol along with eating, then you might be having gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn). Usually this hurts more in the chest rather than in the oral cavity. Sometimes the back of the throat feels like it’s on fire. Contact your doctor to be sure it’s nothing serious such as a bleeding ulcer.

Q: I had liposuction a couple of weeks ago but now I have creases in my tummy that go horizontal. What are these?

A: These may be creases from the liposuction compression garment if you had worn one of these. You may need to see your surgeon for an evaluation and they may recommend a slightly larger garment.

Q: I heard that tumescent liposuction is safer than laser assisted liposuction. Why is that?

A: I’m not sure what you heard, but remember that SmartLipo and other variants of liposuction often use tumescent liposuction to numb the tissues and this provides greater safety than the older wet technique and general anesthesia or sedation. The additional technique of providing heat via laser to the tissues adds a risk that doesn’t exist with tumescent liposuction and microcannulae removal or powered liposuction. Ultrasonic liposuction also has a thermal risk that doesn’t exist with conventional liposuction.

Q: I have fat bags underneath my lower eyelids. Should I have liposuction there?

A: No. Liposuction is not a great procedure for lower lid fat herniation. You might do well to have surgery to reposition the fat or remove it.