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What is Kybella?

Why do I have a double chin?

There may be a genetic reason to develop a double chin and with time some people develop one from being overweight but it often occurs in physically fit people too. The insulin receptors on the fat below the chin in the neck may respond differently than your normal fat in other parts of your body. Fat in the neck does not tend to reduce as well as other fat as a response to diet and exercise. In fact, it is often one of the last areas of the body that one sees fat reduction when someone is intentionally reducing their fat. Some double chins have fat mostly underneath the skin and above the muscle while some people also have a depot of fat located below the muscle of the neck. The latter requires invasive procedures to reduce the fat but the fat above the muscle can be treated by non invasive and minimally invasive techniques.

Kybella chin


What is Kybella?

Our body produces bile in the liver and it gets stored in the gall bladder and released into the intestines to digest fat we consume. Kybella contains one of the key bile salts. Kybella is FDA approved to inject into the fat of the neck below the chin which lies above the strap muscle of the neck.

How is Kybella injected?

I typically apply a numbing cream to the skin for several minutes prior to the injections, although some of my patients ask not to have numbing cream and Kybella certainly can be injected without this being done. I mark the areas to be treated knowing the anatomy of the neck and which areas to avoid. The vial of Kybella is drawn up in to syringes and a tiny needle is used to inject the fat of the neck through the skin, in multiple areas to create an even response.

Does Kybella hurt?

There is some burning-like pain that is felt by most patients for several minutes after the treatment but it is well tolerated. Ice packs can be used for a minute after the procedure.

How many treatments will I need with Kybella for my double chin?

The average range of treatments is between three to six. Some patients rarely have two and some more than six.

How far apart are my Kybella injections going to be?

Typically I wait 5 – 6 weeks before repeating Kybella injections in the neck.

Will people be able to tell immediately after that I had Kybella?

With any injection, there is a chance you may develop bruising. Specifically with Kybella, there is swelling that every patient gets and this swelling can make the double chin look bigger for a week or two after the procedure. The fluid collection makes the "Jello" jiggle when moving one's head.

When will I see results?

Some patients don't see the result until after the third treatment although most see it by the time the third treatment is done and rarely moderate improvement can be seen even after the first Kybella injection treatment.

Is it possible that Kybella won't work for me?

Every patient in my practice is examined by me prior to me injecting them. Some patients have more of a loose muscle problem than a fat neck and Kybella won't help them enough. If there is a significant fat pad above the muscle, there should be improvement eventually from the Kybella.

Are there any risks with Kybella?

Some risks include, but are not limited to: soreness, tenderness, warmth, lumpiness, unevenness, nodule formation, hematoma collection of blood, temporary nerve weakness affecting the muscle movement of the mouth.

If I start Kybella and don't finish a series of treatments can I resume Kybella many months or years later?

Yes, there will be continued improvement with resumption of Kybella injections if residual fat is the issue with your double chin.

How much does Kybella cost?

It varies from city to city and may depend on who is injecting it. The price could be very different if a nurse , physician assistant or physician does the treatment. The cost depends on the number of vials used.