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Q: I had Juvederm injected last month and I still have some red marks on my face where he injected the filler. Will these go away and why do I have them?

A: This is extremely rare but I have seen it a few times. Despite an extremely gentle touch and using the smallest needle size and slow pressure, the skin can heal in sensitive patients with an exaggerated redness but in a tiny dot size. These can be similar to bruises but these tiny marks have gone in a couple of days. If it's a bruise it should be gone in three weeks the latest on the face for the majority of cases. Longer persisting redness probably means that they will not go away and are a development of new capillaries , just a pinpoint area. These unwanted vessels are unnecessary for the skin to function and can easily be treated by a series of sessions with the V-beam laser.

Q: I had Juvederm injected two weeks ago and want to have a microdermabrasion. Will my filler go away quicker if I have the microdermabrasion?

A: No. The Juvederm is placed in the dermis and the microdermabrasion does not penetrate to this level so you needn't be concerned that the filler will dissolve or be affected adversely in any way by the microdermabrasion.

Q: How many syringes of Juvederm will I need to inject my upper and lower lips?

A: Every patient should be individually evaluated. Some people only need Juvederm or Restylane injected in the vermillion border of the lips and others need volume enhancement of the belly, the red part, of the lips (the vermillion). Some patients need only a small (considered a half syringe) but most would need at least one syringe to inject the upper and lower vermillion and vermillion borders.

Q: I had Juvederm injected in my lower eyelids for the hollowness and now I have a worse problem. My lower eyelids look like bags of fluid, what should I do?

A: Fillers are indicated for the tear trough but can cause issues if injected above the tear trough closer to the eyelid margin. In that region there is no bone underlying the plane of injection and the filler has to be injected above the muscle and under the thin skin. This can easily create a lot of bruising and swelling. Juvederm, more than Restylane, absorbs water. That's how the hyaluronic acid fillers work. As more tissue swelling can occur with Juvederm we prefer to inject Restylane in the lower eyelid tear trough.