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Treating Wrinkles with Juvéderm NYC

Juvéderm® XC, is a dermal filler, from the same company that makes Botox®. It is one of many hyaluronic acid fillers on the market. Juvéderm® XC has two unique benefits, making it especially popular with doctors as well as patients. The first is exclusive crosslinking technology, which creates an ultra-smooth, yet resilient formula. Additionally, it contains lidocaine (indicated by XC), for exceptionally comfortable injections.

Treatment areas
Juvéderm® is FDA approved for treating facial folds and wrinkles, and its off-label uses include areas such as the neck or the backs of the hands. The best filler for any given area is determined by the amount of volume needed, the optimal depth of the injection, and other factors. Juvéderm® is relatively thin, making it a good choice for augmenting delicate facial contours and filling moderate folds. Fine lines, which require more superficial injections, are usually treated with a thinner product such as Belotero. Areas with the greatest volume loss, especially the cheeks, require deeper injections, which are usually performed with a more resilient product such as Voluma™, which is also a member of the Juvéderm® family of products.

Companion treatments
It is rare for a person to want improvement in one specific area only. Generally, the goal is an overall younger, more relaxed, and more refreshed appearance. Therefore, a combination of products and techniques may be recommended. For example, we may use Juvéderm® or Restylane® in the lips, Belotero Balance® near the eyes, and Voluma™ or Radiesse in the cheeks. Botox® and Dysport are excellent adjunct treatments to Juvéderm® and similar products, because they target the wrinkles that fillers can’t correct. Rather than adding volume, they smooth rigid muscles beneath the skin, which cause lines and wrinkles, particularly in the upper part of the face.

Customizing a plan
Due to the wide variety of options for treating wrinkles, and the differences in the way that people age, the only way to determine the best solution for your unique concerns is to have a professional evaluation. The New York Aesthetic Consultants is a multispecialty practice in NYC offering a full range of cosmetic treatments. We will be happy to design and deliver a personalized plan, tailored to help you discover your most beautiful self. Call us at and schedule a consultation today.