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The signs of aging can begin to develop as early as our late twenties. Regardless of age, the signs of aging can be troublesome for men and women. This may be the slight loss of elasticity or diminished facial contours, fine lines and wrinkles, or deep creases. The fact is we cannot avoid aging. What we can do instead of simply accepting changes to our facial appearance, however, is take control of our aging with treatments like Juvéderm™. Dr. Ron Shelton has been helping men and women in the Manhattan area achieve their aesthetic goals for several years. If the time has come for you to correct troublesome signs of aging, contact our office for your consultation.

What makes Juvéderm™ special?

Juvéderm™ is not the only hyaluronic acid dermal filler, but it remains one of the most sought after. This FDA approved product is based on non-animal hyaluronic acid. It requires no skin testing and carries very little risk due to the biocompatibility of the sugar acid base. The hyaluronic acid molecules’ role in the body is to attract and bind to water molecules. This sugar compound, produced naturally in the body, aids in the lubrication of joints and the plumpness of the skin.

Injected into the skin, Juvéderm™ attracts water molecules to the treatment area. Expertly placed into fine lines, wrinkles, areas of depression, or thin lips, this filler solution solves a number of issues by raising depressions to the level of surrounding skin. Immediately following treatment, the face looks more energetic and youthful with fewer lines and wrinkles and an overall lifted appearance.

Dr. Ron Shelton treats patients with personalized care. Juvéderm™ treatments take only a few minutes in our comfortable Midtown Manhattan office suite. Dr. Shelton understands that his patients expect the most naturally beautiful results and his focus is on helping each individual achieve his or her aesthetic goals in the most comfortable, convenient way.

Following Juvéderm™, skin and facial contours continue to look beautiful for up to twelve months. Many of our patients return for touch up treatments so that results do not fade.