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How Juvéderm can improve sagging, wrinkling, or thin lips in NYC

In modern society, appearance is more important than ever. Life is also faster-paced than ever, leaving many men and women seeking fast, convenient solutions for aesthetic concerns. Unfortunately, few problems can be remedied instantly. Medical procedures, including those performed for cosmetic improvement, generally take time to heal, and time to achieve their desired result. However, Juvéderm and similar dermal fillers come very, very close to achieving the goal of instant results without unpleasant side effects.

Choosing the right product

Juvéderm is an ultra-smooth injectable formula, used for adding volume to soft tissue. It is similar to Restylane, Perlane, and Belotero, as they are all hyaluronic acid based. Each formula has a slightly different texture and viscosity, making it uniquely well suited for specific applications. Often, a combination of several fillers will be used, because each area of the face has different characteristics. Generally, thicker formulas are used where a greater amount of volume is needed, and thinner formulas are used for delicate contours, where smooth texture is essential. Your doctor will develop a unique treatment plan after an evaluation and consultation.

The procedure

The optimal location for injections, and precise amount of product needed are determined prior to beginning treatment. The procedure typically begins with topical anesthetic, to prevent any discomfort from the tiny injections. A small amount of Juvéderm or other filler is then injected in areas where volume is needed. Frequently, these products are used to restore facial volume, which depletes with age and causes wrinkles. However, dermal fillers can also be used to augment thin lips, fill certain depressed scars, plump hollow cheeks, and sculpt facial features.


Juvéderm and similar products provide immediate results, as soon as the formula is injected. However, you will likely notice an improvement in your facial contours for several days. There is often a small amount of localized swelling, and possibly mild bruising, at the treatment site. This will affect your appearance initially, but should fade within a few days, usually, but can take up to a ten days to two weeks, very rarely.

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