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Before & After Juvederm NYC

Juvéderm™ is part of the family of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This product is manufactured in a laboratory using stringent safety protocols. The hyaluronic acid from which Juvéderm™ is made using what is called recombinant therapy. The importance of this factor is that the Hyaluronic acid in this product does not come from animal sources, making it extremely safe with very little risk of allergic reaction.

There are several different types of Juvederm including: Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultraplus, and Voluma. Dr. Shelton, in his NYC midtown practice, determines during the consultation which filler is needed in which location. Different fillers are meant to be placed at different depths in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues. Some patients need different fillers stacked on top of each other to treat different planes of volume loss.

The advantages of Juvéderm™

Before Juvéderm™ treatment, patients visit us with complaints such as sagging jowls, hollows around the eyes, the general loss of volume in the cheeks, and more. After Juvéderm™, the skin looks healthy and youthful. This is because injections using a tiny needle plump lines and creases in the skin and fill in areas where hollowness has occurred. This product can also be used as a solution for thin lips.

Through Juvéderm™ treatment from expert provider Dr. Ron Shelton, it is possible to notice visible results immediately. Working very carefully and assessing the harmonious contours of the face, Dr. Shelton can determine if further injections may be needed.

After Juvéderm™, our patients enjoy beautiful, younger looking skin for six months or more. Over time, the body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid solution and the skin will gradually return to its previous state. In order to maintain the best results from this anti-aging treatment, our patients schedule touch-up treatments before the effects of the previous treatment have disappeared. Juvéderm™ is safe to be used in conjunction with other treatments such as Botox.

There are very few side effects to FDA-approved Juvéderm™. Mild effects such as swelling or bruising in the treatment area have been noted to last only a short time.