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Are there any risks associated with Botox™?

New York City Botox™ is an invaluable invention in the field of cosmetic treatments. It provides comfortable and quick ways of removing frown lines, brow lines and crow's feet. Despite the popularity and numerous benefits, there are few risks associated with this treatment which Dr. Shelton highlights to potential patients.

Some of the side effects and risks associated with this treatment include mild bruising or swelling around the injection area. Other less severe side effects include headache, nausea and flu-like symptoms.

A drooping forehead, eyebrows or eyelids are seen after Botox™ treatments. This may lead to a slightly flawed appearance as patients may have a flat eyebrow. For drooping eyelids, special eye drops may be used. These cosmetic side effects will subside spontaneously after treatment.

Even though Botox™ helps to diminish and erase facial lines and wrinkles, it can cause minor bruising. The treatment can also spread to neighboring muscles and cause drooping in areas other than those mentioned above so it's important to see an experienced injector such as Dr Shelton.

Dr. Shelton emphasizes that patients openly communicate and let him know about the medications that they are currently taking. This may include herbal remedies, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, providing the surgeon with a full account of prescribed and over-the-counter medications that are currently being used helps ensure minimal side effects.

Botox™ is commonly used in treating the vertical hanging bands. Injecting an exceptionally high dose around the lower neck can put the patient at great risk. The lower neck muscles may lose their strength and prevent the patient from lifting up their head out of a hairdresser's shampoo sink. Therefore, Dr. Shelton strongly emphasizes the need of an experienced injector to prevent such mishaps when undergoing Botox™.

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