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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Does Botox™ take away acne scars?

A: I have never heard of this use of Botox™, nor can I understand why it would help. Botox™ reduces wrinkles by eliminating the muscle contraction under the skin so the skin can't "crinkle" but I can't imagine this would help raise or smooth out scars.

Q: I had my glabella treated by Botox™ but want to have a facial. When can I do this.

A: As early as the next day you can have a facial. There is no evidence that steaming would interfere with the Botox™ that has recently been injected, but you could choose to have a facial first in the future, and then followup with Botox™.

Q: I had Botox™ injected in my forehead but one eyebrow is higher that the other. Will I have to live with this?

A: Botox™ adjustment can be made to lower a raised eyebrow, usually, very easily. If it is not treated, it will come back to normal within four months usually, or earlier.

Q: What's better for my crow's feet, Botox™ injections, or Fraxel laser resurfacing?

A: As the lines around the eyes are created by the underlying muscle contraction, and the skin then wrinkles in the accordion-like folding, the laser would not provide a long-term result. Botox™ minimizes the contraction of the muscle so the skin remains flat

Q: I have Bell's palsy and wonder if Botox™ can be used to make my face look more symmetric.

A: Botox™ can be used on the side of the face that is functioning normally so that it lessens the muscle activity and is more similar to the affected Bell's palsy side. Your neurologist may wish to provide input.

Q: I just had Botox™ injected into the forehead. When can I put on my moisturizer.

A: After the skin is cleaned, and there is no active bleeding, you can apply moisturizer provided it doesn't have an exfoliant or acid which might create too much stinging.

Q: How many units of Botox™ will I need to treat my "11".

A: The glabella of the forehead is the area between the eyebrows and at the root of the nose. There are three muscle groups that contribute to the contraction and creasing of the skin in this area. 15 to 35 units is a normal range of units of Botox™ for this region depending on the patient's muscle mass. For Dysport I use 45 to 105 units in this area.