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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I went to a doctor for Botox but he only uses Dysport. I never heard of it. Is it just as good as Botox?

A: Dysport had been used in Europe for several years before it became FDA approved here in the United States. It is almost identical chemically. They are both botulinum toxin serotype A. Dysport may be effective one day earlier than Botox and might last a couple of weeks longer but more studies are needed to verify this.

Q: I have deep creases below my eyes when I smile. I had Botox in my crow's feet but it didn't help, why?

A: The lower eyelid muscles are horizontally-oriented and the crow's feet lines are vertically aligned. Treatment for the lower eyelid wrinkles would have to consist of injecting those areas directly and this can upset the normal eyelid function which helps keep the eye moist with tears as the eyelid sits against the eye. Reducing function of the crow's feet only serves to prevent or minimize squinting which is not important to the eye's function.

Q: I don't want to spend a lot of money but I hate my crow's feet. If I ask my doctor to dilute the Botox can I save money?

A: The cost of Botox is related to the number of units used. If the Botox or Dysport is diluted, the number of units might be the same if the doctor increased the volume of liquid injected per site. The effectiveness of the Botox and its duration is related to the units so it does not serve you well to get less units than you deserve. You would not gain anything if you had to come in every month instead of every few months for treatment because your Botox or Dysport is diluted.