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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I have an appointment to see my NYC dermatologist for botox tomorrow and realized I have an appointment for a facial one hour later, should I cancel the facial?

A: Yes. There is a chance that the manipulation by the facialist, whether steam is used or not, can affect the Botox and its precise relaxation of the desired muscles. Even though it's never been proven to cause a problem, why chance having the Botox cause you to have an appearance you don't like and have to live with for up to four months? Reschedule the facial for the next day if possible, or later.

Q: Is it possible to treat the crows' feet with Botox and not change my smile?

A: Absolutely, in fact, if one does change the smile with Botox it might be that the inner smile lines near the cheek bone adjacent to the crow's feet were chased too far. There is a risk that if these creases at the inner cheekbone are treated, that the smile muscles will be so relaxed that the corner of the mouth and lip won't elevate on the affected side with smiling and it will look very asymmetric. There could even be problems with speech, eating and one would have difficulty putting the toothbrush in the upper part of the mouth on that side. Normal treatment of crows' feet works very well with Botox by staying in the correct area and realizing that not all lines on the face can be erased.

Q: When I smile I get “cellulite” of my chin. What is going on?

A: This is quite common and is often treated, off-label, with Botox, small units and precise injections to smoothen the dimpling of the chin.

Q: Is it OK if my doctor injects botox in my glabella when I'm lying down?

A: Yes as there have been no reports of positional changes in treatment making a difference or causing problems.

Q: My doctor injected Botox in my forehead for my horizontal lines and now my eyebrow has dropped; what can I do?

A: If the glabella wasn't treated, then injecting this area between the eyebrows may help lift the eyebrow.