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Botox™ Treatments in New York

Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Should I expect longer than one month's duration from Botox?

A: Yes. Very rarely do patients only derive four weeks of results from Botox. It should last up to three months, some up to four. If you have just had your first treatment, the provider may be acting cautious and starting you out on a mild dose, but you may need more units.

Q: Is there a way to smoothen my wrinkles on my upper eyelid with Botox?

A: Folds in the upper eyelids are sagging folds, not sun wrinkles. They are there because the forehead has lost its elasticity and has started to drop along with the eyebrow and this weight then pushes down on the upper eyelid skin which causes the sagging and creases of "hooding" skin. Botox can be used to treat the depressor muscles of the forehead to help lift up the skin but it usually is not going to provide as much lifting as would a brow lift and blepharoplasty (eye lift).

Q: Are there ever new creases that are seen after Botox?

A: Yes, depending on how the neighboring muscles relax, there can be compensatory contraction of adjacent muscles making new creases with movement. These often, not always, can be addressed by judicious placement of additional Botox. Sometimes one can only wait to have the lines ease off as the Botox effect wears off.

Q: Can there be a permanent lump from Botox injection?

A: The Botox has not been reported to cause any permanent lumps. Possibly the trauma of a needle entering the skin could induce a bleeding collection called a hematoma but there should not be an cause and effect of the chemical Botox and a lump. You want to be sure you're seeing a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for your Botox and to make sure that it is FDA approved Botox Cosmetic from Allergan, and not a "knock off" from some other distributor who might be overseas or an adjoining counry.

Q: Can Botox slim my full face?

A: If you have a hypertrophic masseter muscle in the cheek, the one that allows us to chew our food, it can be relaxed with the use of Botox. Once the thick muscle is relaxed, its volume decreases so the cheek looks slimmer. There can be risks with this off-label procedure so be sure to see a well-recognized Botox expert preferably an ENT facial/ plastic surgeon/dermatologist who treats this condition.

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