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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Are all doctors using the same Botox, or could some be using a different manufacturer explaining why my results have been different when I see different doctors?

A: There are a few reasons why results can be different. The technique of the doctors may vary. The number of units delivered may be different and the volume of the liquid needed to administer each unit may vary based on the dilution the doctor prefers. In addition, some doctors might illegally accept offers that they receive from overseas distributors of Botox claiming it's the same. The reality is that unless it is FDA approved Botox here in the United States, physicians in the U.S. can't be confident of the chemical composition, stability, purity and safety of the product.

Q: Should I be comfortable to allow my doctor's nurse to inject my Botox?

A: Many doctors allow their nurses or physician assistants to treat their patients with Botox or fillers, provided the nurse or PA is adequately trained and supervised. Some of these ancillary providers are much more experienced in Botox injections or fillers than the physicians that hire them.

Q: I have had Botox injected for many years. Is all that Botox being stored in my body?

A: No. The Botox or Dysport molecules go away and they no longer can create the relaxation effect we desire and the procedure needs to be repeated.

Q: I have had Botox last week on my forehead, and my eyebrows are now flat. I've lost my arch to my eyebrows, is this temporary?

A: Yes, it will wear off usually in 12 weeks, less or more.

Q: I had Botox for my forehead but the eyebrow is pointing up and makes me look angry. Do I have to wait for the Botox to wear off or can anything be done?

A: Sometimes the active muscle group is isolated and then a couple of units injected into this area can make the lifted eyebrow drop back into position.