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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Can there be complications from Botox such as nerve injury? I read something about this on line and it makes me nervous to have Botox.

A: Any cosmetic facial treatment involving the placement of needles into the skin, inherently deals with the risk of vessel or nerve injury as this is a “blind” procedure. The slower the placement of the needle and the more gentle handed nature of the physician may minimize the risk of such injury.

Q: Is Botox 100% safe?

A: There can be risks with any injection, of any treatment. Botox injections are very safe but Botox can have side effects such as black and blue, swelling but these are temporary. Rare droops can occur and these correct themselves without treatment but it can last for a few to several months. Weakness of important muscles could occur so depending of the area treated, especially if not one FDA approved, there may be temporary problems with even swallowing or picking one's head out of the hairdresser's shampoo sink, if the neck is treated with large numbers of units of Botox. Speak to your doctor about all the risks.

Q: I had a bad sinus headache and now my lower eyelid skin has creases. I went to see a doctor and they said I shouldn't have botox injected in my lower eyelids. Why is this the case?

A: The puffiness that can occur with eyelid skin related to sinusitis, can be exacerbated by the relaxation effect of Botox. The lower eyelid muscle acts to pump fluids around and help drain this skin so if it is too relaxed, the pump doesn't work and fluids can build up. Sleeping on extra pillows to keep the head up and avoiding bending over and straining all help minimize the swelling of the lower eyelids.