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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: I love the results I get with Botox but I wish I didn't need to have it redone every four months. Is there anything else permanent for my frown lines?

A: Brow lifts often involve treatment of the actual frown muscles not just tightening and lifting but separation so they can't make the overlying skin move to make the creases. Surprisingly, the results are not permanent as the body has amazing regenerative powers and the muscle can heal itself and the frown lines can return years later. Other technologies have been tried and are being investigated to deliver energy to the nerve that makes the muscle contract. GFX was one such attempt but it was limited in the area of the face it could be used and involved a steep learning curve for physicians and its results were not permanent either.

Q: I had a brow lift a year ago and the “11” between my eyebrows have returned, although not as bad as they were before surgery. Can I have Botox again, in that spot despite having had surgery?

A: Absolutely. This is done not uncommonly, but you may need different number of units in the area and/or different insertion sites as the anatomy (position of the muscle needing treatment and the bulk of the muscle needing treatment) may have changed as a result of the brow lift.

Q: I have deep frown lines and the lines go all the way up my forehead running across the forehead. Can all of these be treated?

A: I am 69 years old and don't smoke.It is unusual that the entire forehead can be treated without causing a lowering of the eyebrows because after the age of 45 the forehead tends to sag more and one needs the forehead muscle to help lift it up.