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Botox™ Related Questions

Q: Are New York Botox™ or any Botox™ parties safe?

A: There are so many variables to discuss when answering this question. Botox™ should be ordered by a licensed physician, from the Allergan company to ensure that it is FDA approved and not a "similar" or overseas product that is not monitored. Botox™ cosmetic from Allergan is a very safe procedure when taking into account the number of patients treated every year. However, botulinum toxin is not safe if used from "some" laboratory and sold to a provider cheaper. The evaluation of the Botox™ candidate should be done in the normal professional environment, while the patient is not under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. The skin needs to be cleaned, the Botox™ drawn up aseptically in sterile syringes and needles, and no cross-contamination should occur from patient-to-patient, but all of this may not occur regularly when a less-than-professional environment and atmosphere exists such as at a Botox™ party. Lastly, appropriate notes need to be documented for future use indicating the location of the insertion sites, the lot number used of the Botox™, and units delivered. This also may not be done at a Botox™ party!

Q: Are Botox™ injections effective for neck rejuvenation?

A: The vertical bands of hanging skin of the lower frontal neck are often caused by drooping pleats of the platysma muscle that run from the collar bones to the jaw. Small doses of Botox™ injections into these muscles are done carefully by experienced physicians to relax the muscle, preventing its forward excursion during contraction. The skin and muscle complex then retracts backwards so there is less hanging forward. The treatment is ideal for those patients who do not want a surgical necklift. Some physicians have treated the horizontal creases that some patients have with Botox™ injections, but I have not seen success with this treatment.

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